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Chronicling life, time and memory in Russia
2021 letters from Russia, by 2021

When we reach 2021, the world will be watching and asking -- where does Russia go from here? 
We can't predict the future, but we can listen to the people. 


These "letters from Russia", a collection of 2021 letters by the year 2021, 

will reflect Russia at this moment in time, the 30 year anniversary of post-Soviet Russia.

Be a part of history. Send a letter. 

P.O. Box 290 
Tung Chung 
Chung Post Office 

G/F, 6 Mei Tung Street

Tung Chung, Lantau 
Hong Kong

The Letters 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is Letters from Russia? Letters from Russia is an interactive collection of time, memory and understanding. We are looking to gather 2021 letters from Russia by the end of 2021, a date marking 30 years since the beginning of the modern, post-Soviet Russia. The collection of letters will be featured on digital media, and will culminate in a series of global exhibitions and publications. We hold no partisan, political or national alignment. Instead, we hope this project will serve as a platform for open speech and discussion. 

Why should I participate? Be a part of history by recording your own history! Letters from Russia is designed as a participatory and collaborative project that relies on each person sharing their story.

Who can participate? Anyone who self-identifies as Russian or has ties to Russia, whether living in Russia or diaspora communities abroad, should participate. We use these terms loosely as we understand the concept of nationality/national ties are at times not easily defined and interlinked with other histories and communities. If you are from another former-Soviet state and would like to share your reflections, please do so. 

What should I write in my letter? Should I write in Russian or English? Please share your story however you wish. Click here for some ideas on what to write about or here for letter examples. Letters written in the Russian language is preferred, but feel free to write in English (or another language) should you feel more comfortable doing so.


Do I have to provide personal details in my letter? We suggest signing your name, age and location so readers worldwide can better follow your story :) We will not publish any of your details should you request us not to do so; and you may also sign your letter anonymously. If your mailing address is on the letter, we will not publish or utilize it in any manner. We respect and value your privacy.  

Who can see my letter once I send it? We will post your letter on this website and other media platforms; and may feature it in physical exhibitions and print publications in the future.

Do I have to send a physical letter? We are collecting letters, postcards and messages in other physical formats. Contributors have sent everything from long letters, to printed photographs, to personal artwork and more. Feel free to be creative. In unique cases, we may be able to accept electronic messages; please contact us here if you are unable to send a physical letter. 

Can I send more than one letter? Of course! Some contributors have sent additional letters to provide updates, share new thoughts, etc. 

Where do I send my letter to?  Please send your letter to:

                                                       P.O. Box 290 

                                                       Tung Chung Post Office 

                                                       G/F, 6 Mei Tung Street 
                                                       Tung Chung, Lantau

                                                       Hong Kong (No postcode)        


Will I be reimbursed for the postage? We appreciate your time and contribution to this project. Though postage fees won't be reimbursed, you will receive a small surprise in return! Just be sure to provide us with your name and address clearly, in both Russian and English. If you are a student group sending a bundle of letters, please let us know.


Are there other ways I can get involved in this project? Yes! Email us at hi@lettersfromrussia.com